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New Philosopher’s Stone

Living with Peace and Passion in a Fractured World

The need for transformation is obvious, but the path remains murky. The New Philosopher’s Stone can teach you the way. Founded by Steve Defa, a Jungian philosopher, transpersonal therapist, and spiritual guide with more than thirty years experience in private practice, NPS offers classes, groups, and individual guidance for those seeking equilibrium of peace and passion. Steve sees individuals in person in Salt Lake City or online by Skype.

Knowing that transformation is a journey that is never complete, that it is a process, not an event, NPS works with you to explore the depths of your consciousness and to tap into a collective energy that survives as perennial wisdom through time. By exploring the interconnectivity of conscious mind, animal body, and earth, NPS teaches what you are—because until you know what you are, you can never know who you are.

Open the world through your own senses—see it, taste it, smell it, dance with it, frolic in it—and choose for yourself the world you want to inhabit. When you open yourself to a deeper nature, nature responds.

Balance is the way of nature—neither too much of this nor too little of that—deep contemplation alongside deep celebration, reciprocity among all of nature’s parts—including you. You are an individual representation of the universe. Act like it. Peace and passion will follow.