About Steve

DSCN1618Steve Defa, a Jungian philosopher and transpersonal therapist, has been studying consciousness for more than 30 years. Through teaching and counseling, he has helped individuals along the transformative path to discover the natural self within, while connecting to the potent energy of the collective unconscious. Steve has trained with elders of wisdom traditions and connects the alchemical process of individual peace to an earth-based way of life.

Steve was raised in an immigrant farm family steeped in tradition where he learned how the indigenous mind works firsthand. The family farm was a classroom of natural cycles reflecting centuries of wisdom attained by working the land. Against that landscape, Steve also learned to navigate the fractured world of family. Fate set him on the path to discover the workings of the mind, the structure of consciousness, and the connectivity to the physical world as a natural expression of life.

Steve’s academic studies combined philosophy and psychology in an integral approach to self-discovery. Using the analytical tools of reason, empiricism, testing, and verification, Steve engaged in a study of Jung’s hidden dimensions of consciousness, discovering regions inside the individual where creativity lies dormant.

Steve’s career as a transpersonal psychotherapist spans three decades, and has given him the opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of the human experience. Studying the patterns connecting individuals and studying the differences among them revealed to Steve the struggle that most endure to find the natural self within. Steve’s life work is to assist others to reach the freedom of self liberation, becoming the person they are born to be.